Content Marketing: Beastie Boys And Girls

If you’re struggling with your content marketing strategy, read How To Grow Your Business With Content Marketing. But more importantly, watch the video below.

More than anything else, great storytelling differentiates successful content marketing from noise. I’ve previously shared some outstanding examples of storytelling in content marketing.

Here’s another good example from GoldieBox, a company creating building-block toys for girls to inspire future engineers. I have two daughters and I definitely can relate to the lyrics in this song.

In creating the video, GoldieBox rewrote the lyrics to The Beastie Boys song, Girls. Here’s the video:

GoldieBox hired Brett Doar, the creator of the Rube Goldberg machine in the band OK GO’s viral video for “This Too Shall Pass”. Here are more details about the video and the company, including a behind the scenes look at how the video was shot.

It’s time to change!
We deserve to see a range,
cuz all our toys look just the same,
and we would like to use our brains.
We are all more than princess maids…