Community creative – how we work

Early this summer we surveyed over 500 Creatives on crowdSPRING to help us gain a better understanding of our community – who we are, how we work, and what drives us creatively. The results were fascinating and, although we are still sorting through the data, some really interesting information had come into focus. A few weeks ago we looked at who we are – our education, experience, earnings, and expertise. For the second part of our analysis I drilled down into our community’s online work habits: what percentage of our work we do online, and how many projects we did online in the past  year.

For each of the following infographics we divided our community into our four largest groups: logo designers, web designers, print designers, and illustrators. Interestingly each of these groups approached their online work differently, and the charts demonstrate this nicely. In terms of the percentage of the work they do online, the logo designers were distributed fairly evenly with about as many reporting that they do “most” of their work online as those who reported that they did a relatively small percentage online. Almost 1/3 of web designers do the majority of their work online, while more than half of the print designers were doing very little work online.  This speaks not just to the opportunities available to each of these groups with traditional clients offline, but also to  the availability of online projects in their area of expertise.

Not surprisingly, logo designers did many more online projects than their colleagues who specialize in the other three disciplines; simpler design process, less time investment, and more work available means that the average logo designer was able to participate in 50 projects online in the past year, while the average web  and print designer participated in just 25, and the average illustrator did just 22 online projects. Those lower online participation numbers are a result of the combination of a more complex design process and fewer available projects, and this led to a lower number of online projects for these folks.

If you look at these numbers in combination, we see that our community is a very busy group of people. For instance, logo designers averaged 50 online projects and reported that about 50% of their work was done online. A quick calculation using those factors tells us that the average crowdSPRING logo designer worked on roughly 100 projects in the past year! The same calculation tells us that in the past year crowdSPRING web designers averaged a total of 36 projects on and off-line; print designers worked on 32 projects; and illustrators averaged 33 projects. We are a busy bunch aren’t we?  And it is all the more impressive when you consider that almost a third of crowdSPRING creatives report that they are employed at other jobs and do these projects on their own time! But more on that in another posting….