Community creative – how we contribute

In the final installment of our exploration into our community we’ll continue to dive into work habits, this time focusing on how many entries Creatives contribute when they participate in a project and how much time they spend working on an entry. Every designer has differing work habits and each of you approaches a project in a different way; The two infographics below illustrate how you choose to participate, and how you manage your time.

Once again, we divided our designer community into our four largest groups: logo designers, web designers, print designers, and illustrators. This time the differences between the groups were not so wide; this graphic shows that each of these groups contributes at roughly the same level. When asked, “how many entries do you typically submit to any one project?” designers in each of the groups averaged between 3 and 4 entries.

When we asked designers to tell us, “on average, how much time do you spend preparing an entry to a project?” once again there was not a wide spread between the amount of time a Logo designer took compared to a Print designer, with 2.3 hours and 2.4 hours respectively.

Not surprisingly, Illustrators had a heavier time investment in their work at 2.8 hours per entry, and Web designers even more so at 3.3 hours. Very few Creatives in any of the groups rushed their work, with small numbers reporting that an entry took them less than 30 minutes; in turn a significant number of both Web designers and Illustrators invested over 5 hours in preparing an entry.

We have yet to survey the Writers among you to learn about their online work habits, their individual work ethic, and their strategies for approaching online projects, but as soon as we do we’ll be sharing that information, too. Until then, keep up the great work and the wonderful outpouring of creativity that we see coming from this dynamic community every day!