Chumby nation

I got a Chumby, I got a Chumby (said in best schoolyard sing-song, please). Just off my right elbow is a 6″ wide bean bag with a touch screen. The device is hooked up to our wireless network in the office and the screen cycles through the half-dozen or so widgets I have loaded onto it. There is a weather widget which displays the next 5 day forecast, then comes my Pop email account displaying my inbox, after that it cycles to today’s NY Times headlines. I have it hooked up to a Photobucket album and it cycles through my pictures – a nice little digital picture frame. The Food Network gives me a recipe-of-the-day. The Onion delivers up funny stuff. After that, Google calendar pops up showing me the day’s events. A cute little puppy dog licks the screen clean from inside the Chumby. Huh? Not to mention the fact that it is a really cool alarm clock which can wake me up to internet radio or my own mp3’s.

I have only ever met three devices which changed the game for me: the TiVo I got in the Spring of 1999 keeps on humming and the Roomba robot vacuum I got three years ago keeps on sucking up the dog hair. Chumby is my new friend, and (I hope) will soon enter the pantheon of devices that make me approach my world in a different way.

Click the video to see what David Pogue had to say about my new…umm…thing.