Cell phone ads for all my friends!

The NY Times recently published some data on cell phone text advertising. In May, almost 20% of cell phone users received one or more ads in the form of text messages. Yikes.

But this does bring up some interesting possibilities for our community and perhaps opportunity is bubbling. Instead of text messages, why not graphic content? Instead of links, why not motion graphics? Many (most?) of us can send and receive images on our phones and plenty of us can play back video. How long until these advertisers realize that they can distinguish their offerings visually? The NYT story indicated that industries including entertainment, fashion, food service, automobile, and consumer electronics were getting in on this. These are industries that have mastered the art of advertising in other mediums and now the leading edge is pushing onto the cell phone.

I wonder how long it will be before the first project for the “little screen” is posted on cS?