Business Photos For Small Business – From Google

It’s tough to keep up with the whirlwind of online products aimed at small businesses, and tougher for small businesses to decide where to focus their attention and budgets.

A few days ago, I learned about an interesting new program from Google – focused on helping small businesses create photos of their business that would be published in the Google search index. Here’s what Google says in describing this program:

Do you own a business? Apply today for a Google photo shoot of your business.

Millions of potential customers visit Google every day to learn about places and businesses. Through scheduled photo shoots, Google is introducing a new way for you to showcase your business to the world. Apply now.

Where are photo shoots available?

Google photographers are currently visiting businesses in select cities in the US, Japan, and Australia. Any business can apply for a photo shoot, and demand will help us decide where to send our photographers next.

Where will the photos appear?

Pictures from the shoot will be added to your Place Page.

For businesses wondering why they should invite Google to take a photo of their business for free, Google offers the following answer:

Just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t always judge a business by its exterior. Interior photographs are a great way to show potential customers what your business is really like. By enhancing your Place Page, business photos will help your business stand out above the competition and get discovered on Google. Millions of users will be able to visit your establishment from the comfort of their own homes, or preview it to help them decide on a visit. Best of all, it’s free!

While you’re not guaranteed that Google will select your business to be photographed, it’s a simple application process and the program is free.

Do you think this a useful program for small businesses?