5 Best Canadian Cities For Startups and Entrepreneurs

What are some of the things that come to mind when you think of Canada?


People who say “eh”?

Celine Dion?

Our neighbors to the North carry a lot of stereotypes on their broad but polite shoulders. One that you probably want to add to that list is “start-up powerhouse.”

Yes, the country north of the 49th parallel may have 1/10th the population of the United States, but when it comes down to pure entrepreneurship it punches far above its weight class.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Canada boasts a well-educated population that draws its heritage from all corners of the globe.

It’s rich in natural resources and has a number of renowned universities and technology institutions.

And it boasts some world-class cities that routinely place on top ten lists of the best places to live in the world.

There is also excellent support for entrepreneurs, both home-grown and imported.

It’s true that there’s less access to VC funding compared to the leading U.S. cities, but the Canadian government remains at the ready to attract and assist new startups.

There is an ample selection of government aid that small businesses are encouraged to take advantage of – some of which include grants that require no repayment.

The roster of the country’s best-known business successes confirms this reputation for excellence.

Companies like Hootsuite, Shopify, Slack, 500px, and Kik call Canada home, and there are some premier innovation centers like Toronto’s MaRS Innovation and Vancouver’s 312 Main.

Over the past decade, crowdspring has helped many Canadian startups with everything from naming their business, to logo design, packaging design, product design and more.

Many major companies have taken notice of Canada’s virtues and set up offices there.

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