Don’t you want to be a winner?

I knew our creatives and buyers were a group of phenomenally humble people, who are on our site because they truly love us, but now it’s time for us to show YOU the love! Let us know what you and/or your friends, buyers, clients, designers have done for you this year through our site. How are you going to do that? By nominating your favorite buyer and/or creative for a SPRINGY AWARD! (PS you can totally nominate yourself too and we promise we won’t tell.)

crowdSPRING will be selecting the Most Winningest Designer or the Year and the Community Awards, but the other two are up to you. They are:

The Frenchie Award, named after our French customer service guru, Jerome. This is awarded to the designer that demonstrated their own customer service to their potential client – the designer that gave the most and best feedback.

Buyer of the Year Award, which is given to the buyer who you love working with the most.

Please submit your nominations no later than November 30, 2009 to

Simply email us the crowdSPRING username of your nominee and a quick reason why you believe they should win the award. Put the award you’re nominating for in the subject line of the email.

The Winners will get a special crowdSPRING winners package complete with award!

So come join the fun!  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s super cool!