6 Surefire Ways to Get Backlinks for Your Business Website

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As a small business owner, it is important to ensure that your company ranks highly in search engines like Google.

This is especially important when starting a new business. If your business doesn’t show up on the first page of results when someone looks up the products or services you offer, you can lose their business to your competitors who rank higher than you! And these lost sales can cause your business not to reach its full potential in the market.

Success in search depends on several factors. For example, good website design can help you rank higher in search engines. Take a look at the small business guide to SEO for a deep dive into these factors.

But, at the end of the day, the one tried-and-true way to get your company to rank higher in search engines is by getting other websites to link to your website domain, i.e., gaining backlinks.

The more backlinks your company’s website has from other strong, established websites, the higher it will rank.

Here are six surefire ways to get more backlinks to your company website.

1. Simply ask

Do you have a blog that features articles about hot topics in your industry?

For example, do you own a law practice and regularly publish blog posts about litigation? Search for one of your latest blog topics and see what blogs and news websites covered that particular topic in the past.

Then reach out to the articles’ editors to see if they might be interested in linking to your article that contains updated information. You may be surprised about how many editors want to feature the newer info.

2. Provide exclusive articles & follow-up commentary for media publications

One proven way to get backlinks is by writing exclusive expert articles pitched to online media outlets in your industry. This can be a useful tactic as part of your brand strategy.

For example, if you own a financial services firm, you can write expert articles about budgeting or retirement to be pitched to online news outlets in your business sector or other blogs that cover such topics.

Or, if you work for a marketing agency, you can write articles about social media promotion for the best small business marketing blogs.

You can let the editors know that they can run your articles as long as they link to your domain in the body of the article or the author bio.

In addition, search your industry in Google News to see what news outlets are covering hot topics. Then, write up and pitch some follow-up expert commentary to the editors of recent news articles. They may end up including your insight (and linking to your business’s domain) in follow-up stories they do.

Not only will this help build your domain’s backlink profile, but also it will strengthen your position as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Run a sweepstakes

Don’t you love entering contests?

Consider running one on your business website.

Select a great prize, feature the contest on your homepage (or create a separate page for it on your website), and promote.

This is a fantastic way to get backlinks for your domain, as there are many giveaway directory websites out there that you can submit your sweepstakes to for a possible feature.

You can also reach out to online industry publications to see if they might be interested in featuring your sweepstakes. And, don’t forget to promote your sweepstakes on your social media channels.

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4. Post a controversial article on your blog

Is there a polarizing issue in your industry?

For example, do you own a high-quality, sustainable clothing brand and see the current rise in fast fashion and mass production as a bad thing? Write an article for your business blog that takes a stand on this issue and promote it on your social media.

In today’s highly divided world, it is sure to spark a lot of debates and drive traffic to your website. This may cause news outlets to join the discussion and link to your blog post, resulting in more backlinks to your domain.

5. Be a guest on podcasts in your industry

There are podcasts on virtually every topic, from knitting to learning a new language. Look for podcasts covering your industry.

Many podcasts have their own websites where they publish interview segments and the bios and websites of guests. This means more backlinks for your domain.

On top of this, every time you are a podcast guest, you can promote your business offerings to a whole new audience of people.

To find podcasts to be a guest on, check out Podcast Hawk (the world’s first high-level search engine that allows you to do a custom search on over 1.25 million podcasts).

6. Revamp public domain material

One fantastic way to build links back to your website is by finding public domain material created by the government that is relevant to your industry and then presenting it in a way that is easy to read for your website visitors.

Government reports or material generally are not very user-friendly, so see how you can make it easier to comprehend. Then, reach out to media outlets, non-competing companies in your industry, and other possible interested parties to see if they would like to share it. This can result in many new backlinks to your domain.

For example, my biggest success with this backlink-building method has been the Live Lingua Project. I gathered thousands of free public domain language courses for over 150 languages in one place. I was able to garner thousands of backlinks to it!

Final thoughts

To be successful in today’s digital era, it is absolutely critical to ensure that your company’s website domain ranks highly in search engines like Google. To do that, make an effort to grow your domain’s backlink profile by asking other websites to link to your website’s blog posts and providing exclusive articles and follow-up commentary for online news outlets and other industry publications.

You can also get more backlinks by running online sweepstakes and being a guest on podcasts in your industry. Growing the backlink profile will help maximize your company’s potential in the market.

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