Use Science To Avoid Bad Business Decisions

If you’ve recently made a bad decision (or a baker’s dozen of them), you are not alone. Not a single person is immune from making bad decisions.

Humans make mistakes.

Let’s face it, even though we often deny it, we have inherently imperfect judgment.

Anxiety, stress, and fear can easily distort our choices.

In fact, in the competitive and strenuous world of small businesses and startups, it’s much too easy to make bad decisions.

When we’re starting a new business, we get excited about our ideas and believe that our business plan will ensure success.

The euphoria of launching a business wears off as you struggle to grow that business. You’re faced with hundreds of daily decisions, and often, we don’t even know whether a particular decision we are making is good or bad.

This is because the aggregate total of the decisions we make throughout the day impacts our ability to clearly see the upsides and downsides of some of the decisions we must make.

Plainly put: the more decisions we must make, the more likely we’ll make bad decisions.

This is known as decision fatigue.

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In this video, learn the science behind decision fatigue and what you can do to avoid it (and bad decisions) in the future.

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