We’ve had several milestones recently on the crowdSPRING team. In the past few weeks, both Pete and Chad have celebrated their one-year anniversaries with us, and now (sniff) Angeline has decided to move on to greener pastures.

Pete Burgeson was (and always will be) employee number 1 at cS. He was our first real hire, and we are as excited today to have him on the team as we were last October when we offered him the job. He insists on wearing his crowdSPRING jersey with the number “1” on the back everyday, even though the guys give him endless flack about it. In addition to actually marketing the company, Pete has been instrumental in developing the look, the feel, and (maybe most importantly) the “voice” of the site. All of the language, the cheekiness, and the humor you see on our site starts with Pete and his wonderful way with the written word. His newsletters, although in their infancy, are fast becoming classics. Some folks are writing in to tell us that they are the best they’ve ever received and I understand that on Ebay copies of Volume 1, Number 1 are selling for more than the first Superman comic book. Really. Go check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

Chad Paulson is our lead developer and senior software engineer. When the site gets bent or broken, Chad takes out his power tools and gives it a few whacks to get it purring again. I never really knew what a skillsaw could do in the hands of a master until I saw Chad at work on our servers. He has grown and shaved several beards in the last year to show his dedication and loyalty to what we are building, not to mention the nights and weekends he has given up for us. Many of you are quick to send us bug reports, and while we really appreciate it (and Chad might not know what to do on weekends if he didn’t have your help with this) we also hope that you appreciate that every time something on the site actually works the way it is supposed to, chances are good that Chad had something to do with it. He is a quiet guy, but as we know from our fiery lunch debates and political arguments, he is a passionate advocate for all that is good and dear in the world. Especially burritos.

Which brings me to our little Angeline (and I mean it – she is only about 4’ tall). For someone so small she has had an outsize influence on the team. She is funny, smart, kind, and hungry. Man, the girl can pack it away. Half of the time when I can’t finish my own lunch, my little sister Angeline asks if I would mind if she did. She is the goddess of grub, the lover of lunch, and the enemy of leftovers – honestly, she has eaten more in her short time at crowdSPRING than anyone ever thought possible.  Now, I don’t want you to get the impression that all she has done around here is fight hunger and famine. There’s more. Angeline knows more details about the history of Bavaria than anyone I have ever met, and this in particular has made her a standout on the team. Whenever a question has arisen at lunch about the Austrian invasion of Bavaria and its impact on Prussia’s power, Angeline has been the go-to girl. But, the real reasons we will miss her are not her appetite (formidable though it is) and not her love of obscure history. The real reasons we will miss her are her energy, her enthusiasm, and her endless ability to connect people with our business and one another. She has been a fountain of ideas, energy, and creativity; she gets it done and she makes us laugh everyday. We’ll miss her…