Announcing a Stricter Policy on Overused, Overdone Logo Concepts

We are fortunate to work with many talented designers on crowdSPRING and are proud to have built one of the most successful and respected communities of designers in the world.

From our launch back in 2008, we committed to upholding the strictest standards for the protection of intellectual property. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses around the world, and many of the world’s best Brands and agencies have leveraged crowdSPRING, in part, because of our efforts to protect intellectual property. Our policy concerning overused and overdone logo concepts is among those efforts.

We want to make sure that each buyer walks away with a great, unique and custom design. It’s one reason we strongly encourage buyers to stay far away from generic logo stores – there are too many legal risks and dangers in buying a $99 generic logo.

Today, we’re announcing a change in our policy concerning overused, overdone logo designs.

We have always cautioned designers about using generic designs and have, over time, implemented stricter rules to weed such generic designs from our community. Our efforts have been successful, but we know we can do better – we still see some of these generic designs in our galleries.



If you’re not sure what we’re talking about when we mention overused, overdone generic designs, this FAQ should help:

We update that FAQ from time to time and a link is published every time a creative on crowdSPRING submits a logo design to a project. It is each creative’s responsibility to make sure that their entries are unique.

New Violation Policy

We have implemented a new violation policy and each of you should be aware of it.

FIRST VIOLATION: The first time our IP panel determines that you have violated our overused, overdone logo policy, you will be suspended for two weeks,  ALL of your entries from that project’s gallery will be removed, and you will be disqualified from that project.

If our violations panel finds that your entry is not identical to an overused, overdone examples, but is nevertheless very similar, we will issue a final warning, your entry will be pulled, and your account will be suspended until you acknowledge that you have received our final warning email and promise to fully comply with the policy.

SECOND VIOLATION: If you violate this policy a second time, your account will be PERMANENTLY  removed and ALL entries in ALL projects will be removed. You will lose your right to work on crowdSPRING.

You have an abundance of talent – toss the swooshy people and let your creativity shine!

If you have any questions or a comment, we’d love to hear from you.