Angelineasaurus invades crowdSPRING

A short time ago, we began a search for a Community Manager to help us develop an army of stark raving fans of our site (more of them). We wanted someone who lives and breathes Facebook, who can’t get enough of MySpace, and who loves to blog and comment on other people’s blogs and talk to people who knew a guy who had a blog once.

We received over 100 applications and interviewed many very talented people. One stood out.

At the time we started our search, we had just started a project with a rock band – Phantom Planet – for a t-shirt design they would sell on their upcoming national tour. This was the project.

Each person sent a cover letter and resume (poor Pete – he had to read all of them). Angeline Vuong (angelineasaurus on Twitter) sent us the expected cover letter and resume, but then there was this YouTube video from Phantom Planet – the rock band with the project on crowdSPRING:

How cool is that? Someone using our community to persuade us to hire her.

Meet Angeline – our new Community Manager (she started with us today, and we already have her scheduled for training (ping pong lessons)! She’ll invade this blog and the forums pretty soon, so get ready and please help us welcome her!