A pottery competition to end all pottery competitions

In case you haven’t been following the riveting saga of Chia Lincoln’s hair do, it’s been a real nail biter.  First it wouldn’t grow, then it did grow and now, well, it’s still growing, I guess.  But, contrary to his picture on the penny, he seems to have developed a bit of an, umm, combover.  Oh, it’s a Presidential Combover for sure but there’s really no getting around it.  It’s a combover.

In any event, if a combover isn’t something worth celebrating in this crazy mixed up world then I don’t know what is.  So, I give you, the first annual Chia Lincoln Combover Celebratory Extravaganza.  Just swing by our Facebook page and answer this one simple question: if Chia Lincoln could talk, what would he say?

To commemorate this joyous occassion, one lucky winner will take home a Chia Lincoln of their very own (Sorry, you can’t have ours – you have to grow your own combover.  Or French braid.  Or beehive.  Or…).  The person who posts the best answer – as voted by The Supreme Court of crowdSPRING – by midnight this Friday (for you procrastinators) will be crowned champion of this pottery competition to end all pottery competitions. So, hit us with your best shot.

A word to the wise: Chia Lincoln doesn’t take kindly to Confederate sympathies or theater jokes so pick your words wisely…