A good Guy

While we can’t say that we know him personally, we do know this – Guy Kawasaki is a good guy and a friend of crowdSPRING. Or maybe a friend of a friend of crowdSPRING. Either way, Guy stuck up for us the other day and so we owe him one.

So, help us return the favor and go check out Guy’s Alltop badge project. He’s giving away 5 iPod Touches to the best entries for badges for his website. Not bad! And while we wished we could have twisted his arm into holding his project here on crowdSPRING, we still love his project and what he’s doing.

So, do us a favor by helping us do Guy a favor. Go check out his project and win yo-self and iPod Touch!

PS. Oh, and for those of you wondering who the heck Guy Kawasaki is – he’s only one of the original Apple marketing guys responsible for bringing us the Macintosh in 1984 (and he lead the software group that brought us MacWrite, MacPaint and MacDraw for all you old-timer designers out there), an author (of 8 books), a venture capitalist (Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures), a world-renown speaker and a killer hockey player (sort of). So not a shabby guy to have on your client list!