99 Designs You Can Crowdsource on crowdSPRING

Whenever we are asked what types of projects people can post on crowdSPRING, we typically answer with a snarky “uh, there’s like a hundred different things!?!”

That is, until someone recently said “oh yeah, like what?”

Dumbfounded at this unvarnished display of brazen audacity, we set out to show them. So, we settled in with a case of beer, a sheet of paper and a pen. We were pretty sure there were 100 when we went to bed but, when we woke up, it appears that there was a mistake (or a few too many beers). We’re still asking for a recount but it could take a while. In the mean time, help us spread the word.

We’re giving away three (3!) prizes of $100 each to anyone who helps us spread the word about all the great stuff you can do on crowdSPRING. Oh, and we promise it’ll be $100 – not $99. Maybe…

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Post a short article in your blog or on your website (it doesn’t need to be long – a few sentences will do) with a link to this page: 99 Designs You Can Crowdsource on crowdSPRING (hyperlink below):


2. Send an email to: spreadthelove@crowdspring.com with a link to your post.

That’s it! And if you’re feeling particularly generous, please hit the DIGG and/or TWEET buttons on that page to spread the love even more.

We’ll end this contest in 14 days (on November 5), pick three winners from everyone who’s posted to a blog and sent us the link, and contact them to arrange for payment of $100 each.