5 Crowdsourced Designs That Level The Playing Field

Technology has helped close the gap between small businesses and startups and the larger, better-financed competitors they have set out to disrupt. Today, inexpensive and free small business marketing tools, outstanding small business applications from Google, and crowdsourcing have made it possible for startups and small businesses to level the playing field. In some situations, being smaller can even be a competitive advantage.

Crowdsourcing empowers startups and small businesses to avoid the time-consuming process of finding a graphic designer, negotiating a contract and a fee for the work, and the wait to review one or several design choices. Simply put: crowdsourcing is quicker, less expensive, easier, and offers you far more choice than working with a single freelancer or agency.

There are literally dozens of different types of designs that can be crowdsourced.

In this video, we’ll discuss five designs that startups and small businesses should crowdsource to further level the playing field against better-financed and larger competitors:

1. Logo Design
2. Web Design
3. Flyer Design
4. Stationery Design
5. Banner Ads

Watch the video for more detail on how you can crowdsource these five designs and compete with better-financed and larger companies.