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Starts:9-Feb-10 9:15 p.m. GMT

Ends:23-Feb-10 9:15 p.m. GMT


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Creative brief

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We're crowdSPRING!


We need one brilliant article for our blog. It should be targeted mainly to our audience of graphic designers (although something that anyone creative would find interesting is fine as well) and can tackle any topic that you think they'd find interesting. And, since they're pretty damn creative people to begin with, that could be just about anything.

Our blog posts are typically about 750 words in length - could be less and could easily be more - but it's totally up to you. You don't need to submit the whole thing at once - maybe just give us a feeling for what the article will be about and your writing style. We'd suggest submitting 100-200 words as a sample but, again, it's totally up to you.


Our target audience is the 50,000 designers we have working on the site, our budding community of writers, tens of thousands of small businesses who use our service and, well, just about anyone who reads blogs. So it's a very targeted niche.


For examples of past articles we've published, feel free to check out our blog at:


There are no absolutes but we've found that articles that are hands-on work best. Give a list of tips or tricks. Gather up a set of examples that show 'best of' work in some area. Give advice on the best way to do X or Y. Highlight work that is inspirational or, better yet, that's terrible and creatives can learn from. Most of all, just write with passion and interest. If you do that, you can probably make a great article out of just about anything.

Brief updates

By crowdSPRING on 17-Feb-10 4:41 p.m. GMT
Hi everyone and thanks for the great entries so far! Coupla things we are learning:

1) keep the first submission short. We don't need to see the entire blog post to get an idea of what you're getting at. Give us the first 200 words or so and let us understand the topic and direction you're going in. You can add more if we recommend revisions.

2) take a look at the blog ( You will get a good idea of the structures we use a lot and also a feel for the audience we speak to. Keep these in mind as you create your own work for cS!

Great job so far and thanks!
By crowdSPRING on 20-Feb-10 4:41 p.m. GMT
Hi again. Wow - there are some fantastic posts here and we are totally excited about them. You guys have done a wonderful job with the assignment. Now the trick will be to narrow them down. If your entry or revision received 4-stars, stand by; during the day today I will begin to assign SOME of those a 5-star rating and those entries will be the Finalists, If your entry is a finalist, I may ask for some tweaks or changes or (for those of you who have only sent in the first part of an article) I may ask to see more or even the entire article.

The project closes on Monday afternoon, so I will try to give finalists the last 48 hours to revise if they choose to do so.

By crowdSPRING on 24-Feb-10 4 p.m. GMT
What a great job, everyone! Lots of really interesting ideas and some fantastic writing samples submitted. We're really proud of everyone who participated and grateful for your efforts.

We have narrowed the field to 5 finalists and these are each scored 5-stars. We will take a day or two to review these 5, and may be in touch to discuss some tweaks, or ask some questions of the finalists.

Thanks for your patience and watch for the project to be awarded in the coming days!