2,213 panels to pick from. How’s a person supposed to choose?

The South by Southwest Panel Picker is open and voting has begun for SXSW 2010! This is a great opportunity for the interactive and technology community to vote on the sessions they would most like to attend at next spring’s conference in Austin. Needless to say we didn’t have enough time to slog through all 2,213, but we were able to identify some pretty cool needles in the haystack. Take a look at these 10 I found and please send in any cool ones that you spot that we might all be interested in. Be sure to click through and sign in to vote for the ones you like.

How 34 Inspired Tweets Can Predict The Future

Twitter is the poster child for the power of small ideas. But can this 140 character mashup of micro thoughts and narcissistic egotism amount to anything truly significant? This engaging tour of 34 inspired tweets will offer a vision of the future, told through the unexpected lens of Twitter.

UNDER 30? Underrepresented at SXSW

Digital Natives understand the digital space, but do they understand it from a biz perspective? Has personal branding created a false sense of accomplishment and knowledge? Balancing ambition and modesty? Learning, but also applying in real life? We have so much wealth at our disposal, what’s the perfect ratio of knowledge vs. experience? (This panel is aimed at marketing professionals)

Realizing the Power of Interactive Documentary

The digital revolution has given us incredible new tools for documenting the world, but few independent web journalists have moved beyond text-based blogs and short video clips. Interactivity, multimedia, and data visualization can be powerful tools for the documentarian, when the focus is on engaging the viewer and building comprehensive messages. Real world examples will be demonstrated.

Puke-A-Tronic: Horrible Design Choices And How To Avoid Them

You instantly know it when you see it – bad design at its worst. Using practical examples of the industry’s biggest offenders, learn about the ‘best of the worst’ designs, get insight on possible motives behind these decisions, their impact on the user experience and how these pitfalls could have easily been avoided.

My Shiny Object Of The Web Obsession

This session will cover over 100 products and services, a one stop shop for all things Web, that can be used to better tell the story of your business to become thought leader in your niche. Some of the products you probably have heard of but others will be new to you. This session will also share how to use them with a number of tips and tricks.

Social Business By Design

The hype around social media has become deafening. Organizations are feeling pressured to “join the conversation” or risk being irrelevant. However, a “social business” has to be designed from the ground up and the top down in order to achieve transformation which scales. Are we ready to move beyond lip service?

8 Ways to Deal with Bastards

If 99% of your customers are fantastic, you’re still going to deal with bastards. And even the best of us make bad hiring decisions. But there are time-honored approaches to defusing crises, deflecting attacks, and denuding d-bags. This panel of bastards will discuss and demonstrate.

Boxee vs. NBC

Who will bring web video to the living room? One player is NBC, who is both a major partner in Hulu, and a current major recipient of cable subscription cash. But in walks Boxee, the fast moving startup that is quickly building a loyal following in the living room and laptop world. So, cage match. Senior exec’s from both NBC and Boxee explore the state of the art in web and living room distribution.

RIP Jeff Goldblum: Truth vs. Web BS

Hoaxes, rumors, and misleading stories thrive in a real-time multi-sourced online environment. How do you suss out newsy signals from uninformed, promotional, or ill-intentioned noise? Learn the best ways to cast a critical eye on your media consumption and how to quickly recognize and share only the authentic.

Do Over! Designing Iteration

“Brainstorm, prototype, test and repeat” are the steps in the iterative design process. Knowing these steps and successfully applying them are two different things. With diverse examples from the fields of game development, product design, curriculum design and architecture, we will reveal the triumphs and epic fails of iterative design.

And don’t forget to check out (and vote for!) the 3 panels that Ross and I have submitted:

Managing Your Community When the Site Self-Destructs

Whether you’re an icon like Twitter or a startup just launching, one thing’s for sure – you will f*$k up. Learn the best way to deal with new feature rollouts, technical meltdowns and the ever-present (sometimes crushing) voice of the people. Sometimes there’s no winning but there’s definitely a lot to lose.

The 3rd Coast: How to Be a Startup Outside of Silicon Valley

It is difficult to establish a startup no matter where you are in the world, but there are great companies and events that began life outside of Silicon Valley. Threadless, 37Signals, FeedBurner, BIG Omaha conference, and SXSW itself are proof that technology life exists away from the coasts. These less-than-obvious locales are becoming hotbeds of innovation and attracting talent and capital.

The Future of Copyright Online: Creative Commons or Creating Chaos

Whether you’re a solo designer or Google, one thing’s for sure – you will be accused of stealing another’s intellectual property or someone will steal your intellectual property. This panel will offer practical suggestions to help you protect and defend your rights and will examine the future of copyright online.