12 Questions: Meet Tayo Adetola (Nigeria)

In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. For these interviews, we pick people who add value to our community – in the blog, in the forums, in the projects. Plainly – activities that make crowdSPRING a better community. Be professional, treat others with respect, help us build something very special, and we’ll take notice.

We’re very proud to feature Tayo Adetola (crowdSPRING username: HisP1611 ) today. Tayo lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tayo Profile

1. Please tell us about yourself.
Hello, my name is Tayo Adetola [HisP1611 on Cs]. My wife Peace and I both live and work in Lagos, Nigeria. We recently moved back into Nigeria last year, having spent 7 years in the United Kingdom. I have a diploma in Architectural Technology and a BSc. in Architectural Design Technology/Building from Coventry University. I have worked with several architectural firms both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. I currently run a small design studio called His-P Design Studio whilst still freelancing on cS. Did I mention that I ComEd 01am an “Arsenal” fan? COME ON GUNNERS. And also have a thing for TIES, just love to wear them, most especially SUNDAY mornings to church.

2. How did you become interested in design?
Pretty much from junior high. I used to so much cartoon DVDs and still do. I became very much interesting in illustrations, characters, and anything and everything design wise. I have always wanted to become an architect, I worked as one for years and decided to change career to graphics design. I am proud to say I am an architect turned graphics designer [self-taught]. And I love my job.

3. You were awarded for designing the new ComEd Bill. What was your process for organizing all that information into an easy-to-read format?
ComEd Bill, one of my favorites till date. I was born to design this bill. :] From the very first day I read the brief, I just knew it was made for me. I am a sucker for infographics and this just fit the bill for me. [Touché]. The brief was well detailed enough and it just like speaking to the client face-to-face and knowing what they wanted. I had to go back and forth on the previous bill, the comments their already customers made with regards to the look of the bill and what they wanted changed. I always keep my notepad with me during the time spent on the project; illustrating new ideas, icons, what needed to be added to make reading easy for users. My approach to this project was, what if I am a ComEd customer, how would I like my electricity bill to look like? That really was the key thing for me to producing such a design.

4. Who/what are some of the biggest influences on your design work?
I cannot place my hand on who or what influences my design work. What I can say is that the most influential thing on me is my vision to design the next big thing. Did I mention MUSIC? Big influence on me.

5. How do you come up with ideas for concepts after you read a creative brief?
I bookmark a lot of designs, websites, anything that captivates me. So when a creative brief comes up, there is always a design somewhere I can draw concepts from. I also visit DRIBBBLE a lot for concepts as well. It’s a bank of concepts out there on DRIBBBLE.  Sketch, sketch and more sketch. I cannot over emphasis the need to. It helps a lot.

6. What software and tools do you use?
AI (Adobe Illustrator), Notepad and Pencil. They do the work for me.

7. What is your dream design project?
To complete my brand identity and make it know to the world. His-P [coming soon…..]

Gleam Biogas
8. How do you promote your work?
Funny enough, I am yet to do that. Maybe I might just start right now. As a matter of fact, I am. Isn’t it. :] ebubuz
9. Please describe your typical work day.
I work best in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep. So my typical work day starts with a lovely meal, check my emails, and begin work on any pending projects. That’s my summary.

10. Which of your designs are your favorites and why?
I would say ComEd tops the list, my wife’s business logo [E’bubu’z]. Love that too, HHQ, Chatmeter UI/UX Dashboard design and so much more that I could go on and on. The reason why, they pushed me to the limits design wise.

11. If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?
I would have been a Fashion Designer (still the word design involved) Just love to design.

12. What do you do with your free time?
I do cook a lot, so I would say cooking.


Cheers, Tayo!