12 Questions: Meet Shannon Perry (USA)

In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. For these interviews, we pick people who add value to our community – in the blog, in the forums, in the projects. Plainly – activities that make crowdSPRING a better community. Be professional, treat others with respect, help us build something very special, and we’ll take notice.

We’re very proud to feature Shannon Perry (crowdSPRING username: shancore) today. Shannon lives and works in Phenix, Virginia.

1. Please tell us about yourself.

Hello, my name is Shannon Perry, also known as Shancore on crowdSPRING. I’m a 27 year old freelance graphic designer. I recently just moved to Phenix, Virginia to be closer to my parents and family, with my boyfriend Russ, and our “little monster” pitbull Eddie. But before the big move, I had been living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the past 10 years. I attended Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2001, hoping to major in Graphic Design, only to find out that I was more interested in printmaking. So I took up printmaking as a major instead with some fundamental design courses on the side.  After several years of running circles around getting my BFA, and juggling a full time work and school schedule, I decided to take a break. I then landed a job as graphic designer at a small printing company, where I worked my last 2 years in South Philly. During this time is when I really started to get back into design. It wasn’t until then, that I thought I could actually make a living doing graphic design as a freelance profession, and decided to move to Virginia and pursue a career in freelance design.

2. How did you become interested in art and design?

Growing up with great parents. My dad is into computers and my mother is a crafter, so I got the best of both. I’ve always been interested in art since I was kid and my parents are very supportive, always encouraging me and my art. They even let me start taking private art lessons with a local artist when I was in elementary school. Even at an early age, I decided that I wanted to be an artist and knew that no matter what I did, I would always be doing something creative.

3. Which of your designs are your favorites and why?

Most recently, I’d say the design I did on crowdSPRING for the Campus Consciousness Tour. I was excited to be awarded, and honored to work with Elliot and rest of Reverb. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing it.

4. Who/what are some of the biggest influences on your design work?

Everything around me. I’m always randomly staring at things and getting random thoughts and ideas. Whether I was starring out the SEPTA bus window in Philly looking at the new bus stop ad to now driving the country side in Virginia looking at cows and rusted gas station signs. It’s all fascinating to me.

5. How do you come up with ideas for concepts after you read a buyer’s creative brief?

After reading a buyer’s creative brief I just have some idea or vision on how I want the concept to look in my mind. If ideas don’t pop in my mind right away, I like to revisit the brief, check out any materials they have, visit the buyers website (if they have one), or do some research on the company until I get an idea. Sometime, not always, I’ll get a pencil and start drawing sketches out and then bring them into the computer. Most of the time I start creating in illustrator right away, and keep working things out until I have something that I want to show.

6.Mac or PC?

I have experience using both, but I use a PC. And so far so good (knock on wood). For software, I use Adobe Creative Suites CS4. I love using Illustrator for everything. I almost always start projects in Illustrator. Unless the project has multiple pages, then I use InDesign and I use Photoshop mainly for editing and touching up images. I also use Dreamweaver for web design, but I’m still trying to figure that program out, and I still have a lot to learn.

7. What is your dream design project?

My dream design project would be to create a famous icon. Or get paid to create art for skate decks or a t-shirt line. Something like that. But for now, I’m happy where I’m at, and enjoy doing what I do, so I couldn’t ask for more.

8. How do you promote your work?

Right now, it’s basically word of mouth, and doing work on crowdSPRING has really been really awesome.  I’m still new at graphic design and I have a few upcoming things I want to do, but I’m just taking one day at a time.

9. Please describe your typical work day.

Usually starts with waking up and drinking coffee. I like to watch the news for a bit, then I check my email, to see what’s going on for the day. Sometimes I start working right away if there is work to do, or if there’s not much work I’ll browse and participate in projects on crowdSPRING or work on other personal projects till about 5-6ish and then its dinner, and then I just relax and hang out with the family till bed.

10. What are other ways you use your creativity?

Definitely in the kitchen. I love to cook. 7 years ago, I would not be saying that. There were times my friends begged me NOT cook anything. I’m way past that now! I especially like baking breads, pastries and cooking on the grill.

11. If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t designing, I probably would be working in a restaurant industry somewhere. That’s what I was doing while I was in school and before graphic design.

12. What do you do with your free time?

If I’m not working, I’m hanging out with the family, walking the dog, or reading on how to build websites and learning other new tricks. You can check out my webpage to see my progress at: www.shancore.com

Much thanks! -Shannon


Thanks Shannon!