12 Questions: Meet Cyrene Quiamco (USA)


In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. For these interviews, we pick people who add value to our community – in the blog, in the forums, in the projects. Plainly – activities that make crowdSPRING a better community. Be professional, treat others with respect, help us build something very special, and we’ll take notice.

We’re very proud to feature Cyrene Quiamco (crowdSPRING username: CyreneQ) today. Cyrene lives and studies in Little Rock, Arkansas.



1. Please tell us about yourself.

Who am I? Already stumped on the first question!

My name is Cyrene Quiamco – for short. My full name is Salathiel Cyrene Ganzon Quiamco. I find it amusing when school teachers perform role call for the first time and see my name. They would pause, give a confused expression, and attempt to pronounce it. I was born in beautiful islands of the Philippines in Bacolod City. I’ve lived there for 7 years before I moved to the United States. I landed in Little Rock Arkansas and have been living here for 13 years now. I’ve known and lived with myself for 20 years now. I am full time student (taking the max 18 hours every semester) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where I’m working towards a Studio Art: Graphic Design degree.

I’ve been doing art ever since I figured out that crayons were art supplies and not food. I’ve won my first art contest when I was in 1st grade. It was an onsite competition and I made 5th (out of 10) places competing against 6th graders. Every time I make art, I found that people would smile. I don’t think I understood it back then, but I liked how my creations make people feel happy when I give it to them. Until now, that still holds true. I like to see clients happy whenever I show them the logo I made for them.

Fun facts about me are: I love turtles, I have 10 box turtles. They live in an outdoor enclosure and I’ve been caring for turtles for 13 years. I also have hermit crabs. My fascination started four years ago and I’ve had some of them for four years now. I’m a picky eater – I don’t like ketchup, mustard, pickles, salads, mashed potatoes, peanut butter, cherries, coffee…the list goes on. I’m your typical geek – I’m obsessed with the latest gadgets, love video games, and a fan of Asian dramas (Japanese and Korean) and cartoons (anime). I’m scared of the dark but I LOVE scary movies. I collect world currency as a hobby.

2. You’re studying design at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. What are some of

your favorite classes?

I wake up every morning excited to go to my art classes. I try to sign up for at least four studio art classes every semester to keep me busy. Of course, out of all my art courses, I enjoy my graphic design classes most. Graphic design is the least messy art course. I also get to work with computers and I love computers.

3. You are part of the college Donaghey Scholars program. What is this?

Donaghey Scholars is an honors program where only a select few, usually under 25 students, are chosen annually based on merits to take part of the program. If you get selected, after entrance essays and a rigorous interview, the program pays your full tuition for up to four years, Other benefits of being in the program is receiving a yearly stipend of up to 9k, free admission to selected live theaters and local events, and a full paid study abroad trip to any country of your choice. What more can you ask for? This is why I love college.

All of the university’s core classes are replaced by the Donaghey Scholars courses. The scholar’s classes are only opened to the scholars selected, so you’ll be spending quality time with the same group of people. I actually prefer the scholar’s courses. The classes are all seminar-based, meaning the whole class time is a conversation between you, your peers and the professor. If you love to talk and argue, then the scholar’s classes are a blast! Aside from being a Donaghey Scholar, I’m also part of the Windgate Art program. I’m also an art nerd!

4. Who/what are some of the biggest influences on your design work?

Everything in this world is a design. There’s not one specific person or thing that influences my work. Everything I see, touch, smell, or hear affects me consciously and subconsciously. I don’t just want to be inspired by one thing; I want to be inspired by everything.

5. How do you come up with ideas for concepts after you read a buyer’s creative brief?

After reading the buyer’s briefs, if the idea doesn’t come instantaneously, I usually go to deviantart, watch TV, visit websites and check out other cS projects for inspiration. When I create a logo, or any type of artwork, it’s like I’m watching myself in 3rd person – as if my hands have a mind of their own and I’m just watching to see what they make.


6. Which of your designs are your favorites and why?

My favorite designs are The Cup Lady and the BambooHr logo designs. I like how both designs are created by the same person (me) but are so different in style. The Cup Lady is fun and sassy while the BambooHr is clean and more structured.

7. How has technology affected your work?

Owning a tablet PC has made creating illustrations and logos easier and more efficient. I don’t need to coordinate the mouse with the screen to create an illustration – I just draw directly on the monitor. And since my tablet PC is small, I can take it everywhere with me and create art wherever and whenever I get inspired. As for programs I use, I use Adobe Illustrator for most of my work. I prefer to work in vector format so that I don’t have to worry about pixels and resolution.

8. What are your favorite websites for inspiration or learning about graphic design?

I learn by doing. I’m not saying this because this is a CrowdSPRING interview, but CrowdSPRING really helped improve my skills. The competitive atmosphere is my driving motivation and inspiration. I enjoy looking at the winning entries and really examine what made their design successful. I believe this is better than any book or website because I have the opportunity to see live and current examples – the designs that are happening now! The competition also gives me the drive and reason to use the software on a daily basis and improve my skills. CrowdSPRING has helped me get ahead of the game in my design classes.

9. Please describe your typical day.

After waking up from being chased by zombies in my dreams (I’m always being chased!), I get ready, eat a big breakfast (cereal, eggs, waffles, bacon, pancakes – I have a big appetite). Cereal alone won’t last me 10 minutes), and then I head for school. Since I’m taking 18 hours, and most of them are 3 hour studio classes, I’m in school from 8 am in the morning to 7 pm at night on most days. I usually try to sneak in CrowdSPRING on my spare time at school. It might sound like a tight schedule, but I usually find a lot of spare time.

10. When you graduate from college, what is your dream job?

I want a career where I can be financially stable. Of course, doing what I love is important, but my family comes first. I’ve seen the work and effort my mom had to go through to raise both my sister and I. After college, I want it to be my turn and take care of her and my sister.

I would love to enter the field of graphic design. Graphic Design is a powerful field. You have the power to create people’s identity (logos). You have the power to deliver messages at a glance (ads). Your mark, your artwork, can be seen and used by a mass audience. My dream job is to be a professional graphic artist. Graphic Design is a dynamic field where every day and every client is different. There is no boring day. You are constantly thinking and problem solving. Your creative juices will always have a cup to fill.

I would also like to be an art director. I’ve tried almost every field of art. I’ve done drawings, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital graphics, 3D renderings and animation – anything in art is my dream job!

11. Please talk about setting up a website to promote your work.

http://cyreneq.key.to is the website where you can view my online portfolio and resume. This website also contains links to my social networks such as facebook, twitter and deviantart where I update regularly.

12. What do you do with your free time?

I have a million to-do lists ever growing in my head. I have painting ideas, websites, logos, videos, goals to self-teach myself software programs, etc. One day at a time, I check an item off my list and then add on two more in its place. I aim to check off at least one thing on my list a week.

One thing I like to do is paint. My favorite subject to paint is surrealism, but I also do a lot of self-portraits. I also like to create websites on my spare time. I typically create fan sites for my favorite celebrities or shows. I’ve not made any website for commission; most of them are for my own learning and leisure (for now). My latest website creation is Qixipedia. It’s a project I tackled a couple of weeks ago during my holiday break. It’s an experiment. My goal is to start/create the biggest people encyclopedia. It’s a work in progress but you are welcomed to check it out and add yourself http://qixipedia.co.cc

I also play video games, watch drama marathons, and daydream. I guess I should add hanging-out with friends somewhere in here so I won’t seem like a social hermit, but I have no problem keeping myself amused.


Thanks, Cyrene!