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Business Info

Business Name

Question Factory

What do you do?

We are building a content-based platform and are in need of some new, unique articles targeted toward individual growth.

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe your audience

Our primary audience is trendy individuals between 22-35 years-old.

How do you intend to use this blog piece?

This is intended as fun content that will be consumed inside a mobile app.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience?

1. Self-improvement covers a range of areas, anywhere from physical and mental health, to learning new lifestyle activities and trends.
2. Self-improvement does not carry a negative connotation - it is for everyone and anyone who loves to feel good and have new experiences.
3. Our content is helpful, direct and easy to read quickly. It presents unique ideas.

Style and Concept

Do you have a title for this piece?

No, each article will have it's own name based on the content it presents.

Do you have a thesis or conclusion that must be reached?

Objective: To provide individuals with ideas or ways to gain insight in various areas of life, such as physical and mental health, diet or more general lifestyle activities

List all information that must be included

You must submit two articles for consideration. They must have excellent grammar and spelling.

You MUST read the Creative Brief - Self-improvement articles.docx attached to get the details on how we will accept articles on the following prompts:

Ways to energize your mind/body
How to deal with stress / Personal experiences of dealing with stress
How to be more confident tips
How to encourage yourself to learn new things
Easy or cheap meals to create yourself
Evolving regular meals into delicious delicacies
What's in bloom? Plants and flowers per the season
Positive attitude suggestions on a daily basis
Fitness workouts per week
Fitness workouts over a 30-day period
Nutritious food/snack tips over a 30-day period

We are flexible with the direction you take in altering or combining prompts. Again, see the creative brief attachment!!!!

What character, tenor and spirit do you wish to convey?

Professional (research to back any claim made in the article), yet light-hearted and inspiring/motivational.

What is your required length in words or pages for this blog piece?

We are flexible and will choose quality first, but a general guideline for each article is as follows: - Include a brief introduction (between 500-1,200 characters w/spaces) AND: - EITHER: 5-10 ideas/points (between 500-1,200 characters w/spaces each) - OR: 20-30 tips/ideas (500 characters or less each)

Do you want to include additional info?

The quicker you submit to this project, the better chance you will have to win (assuming you are a good writer :). I will respond with ratings and comments to all submissions, so that you can send in a second draft if needed.



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