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Starts: 18-Feb-11 7:07 p.m. GMT

Ends: 22-Mar-11 5:26 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $800, was awarded to Andrei

Award 2: $600, was awarded to monodee...

Award 3: $600, was awarded to msnajdar

This project is private.

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We put football Team News on one page - and make it easy for fans to add their news, alongside pro journalists' stories & video.

Fans' ready-made "football blog in a box" comes with news, video and pictures.
With league tables, results and future fixtures.
And all the tools that fans need to write their own football news.

Update 22-Feb-11 GMT
Hey, thanks for all the interest in our brief!

To clarify, we have three awards- two for the page designs ($800 & $600), and a third $600 floating award... there's always one really neat feature that works well - but it's not in the design that *overall* works best. We want to be able to recognise & reward the designer of that feature.
It might be how a form works, an overall layout or colour palette (in isolation from the rest of the design), a set of icons or logos...

This third 'floating' award is just us trying to be as fair as possible to everybody who enters the competition.

Of course, it's also possible that one designer can win all three, if they really nail the design :-)

I'm here to help out with any questions you have
Update 22-Feb-11 GMT
thanks for all your enquiries...

the two wireframes are here as a guide to the content that we need to include, and how it *might* be laid out.
If you wish to propose a different layout, please go ahead - we want your fresh ideas!

I've uploaded .pdf versions of the documents
If you do have trouble opening mac or windows docs, I can recommend - it opens anything, and best of all it's free :-)

Update 28-Feb-11 GMT
hey, thanks for all the entries...

now that we've had a few to look at, we've more of a sense of how to score them...

There's some very solid work already: now let's push for the edge!
Big, bold, strong design can work, especially for the BiaB page... show us powerful ideas - we won't be scared... we'll be impressed!

Update 4-Mar-11 GMT
hey, thanks for all your entries... they really started to roll in these last 2 days, so we're adding 4 days to give you all more time.

Great work so far; no clear winners yet... so please keep those designs coming!
Update 4-Mar-11 GMT
ok, great work!

& project extended by 4 days, to this time tuesday (5pm UK time)


Would love to see work from more designers: we've 16 participating so far.
There's 3 awards - we've set it up that way so that as well as a 'best' for each of two page designs, there's a third award, floating, so that we can reward one great detail.

Go, give us your best shot!


Update 21-Mar-11 GMT
36 hours to go...

We've set the project to private; if you have a last-minute bold design that you want only us to see... now is the time to enter it.

Update 1-Apr-11 GMT

thanks for all your entries

nobody quite nailed it... and right now we're playing with the best bits, checking that they work well together.

we should be ready to award next week: three guys will get awards, if it all works out how we expect