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Creative brief

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We are a mix of old and new. The original company handles snail mail campaigns and data for large companies. The new part of the company is built around a data warehouse and website that allows for geography based searching of huge lists (10s of millions and up). We license that software to large list owners, and are building a small business component at the moment.


There is an existing website that has a late 90's feel to it. The data is very, very old. You can pretty much see the dust on your screen when it loads.

The new small business site and software has a very different look to it. We also have a new logo.

I'd like a wordpress theme built for this company. The logo should obviously be prominent. In a perfect world, the blog theme and the small business software look seamless, but that isn't an absolute requirement (also, the look of the small business site can be changed to look like the blog ;)

The logo is mostly white, so I was thinking something modern and light. It should make you think that this company is professional, yet anything but an old, small snail mail company (you could get that from the original site).

A version that looks like the small business site might work too. I'm always pleasantly surprised with CS work.


Small to large businesses. I want older companies to think we have a long track record and experience, but we are also very technically competent. Newer companies, same deal I guess.

The company is small, and while I wouldn't deliberately misrepresent our size, I don't want to scream "WE'RE TINY!!!" I think a professional site should take care of that itself, in any case. Maybe add unnecessary legal stuff at the bottom.

WE LIKE THESE DESIGNS: is the only thing I can think of off the top of my head right now. I'll fill this in later as I find more.

For reference, the original website is here...

The small business site is here...

The new site (I just used a theme off the web) with logo is here...


Must be compatible with recent versions of wordpress and not seriously compromise any features of the platform (no fixed navigation, etc).

Brief updates

By kpgalligan on 11-Jan-10 5:16 p.m. GMT
No flash, please.
By kpgalligan on 13-Jan-10 2:51 a.m. GMT
So, I picked "blog theme" because the site is in Wordpress, but really this is more of a "small website" type of project.

First off. If you know how to design for a different CMS/blog platform, feel free to submit. We're open to changing to a different platform as long as its fairly heavily used and free or reasonably priced (Drupal, Joomla, Typepad, etc).

So far the submissions look like nice home pages, but there would need to be a layout for the regular content pages. Also, the navigation needs to be "compatible", which generally means you need to be careful that its not "fixed" or needs to be image based.

Having said all that, if you're really good with the web design but don't really know how to code for CMS's, feel free to submit and/or contact me with questions. Anything that's not too structurally complex should work, at least with some coaxing.