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Creative brief

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Jaguars Gold Club is a upscale gentlemen's club that is ready to update its web presence.
Our club caters to senior executives and wealthy Americans in the state of Texas. We have 6 clubs throughout the state and plan to open several more in the next 12 months.


First, let me say that we are only building this on Word Press for the SEO advantages so do not feel the need to incorporate extra space for things like latest posts, categories, etc...we will fit them into your design...This will not be an actively updated BLOG. 

We are looking for a very clean, sexy, sharp and sophisticated look and feel. A design that allows us to utilize beautiful photographs of our club from the inside, as well as the outside, and of course tastful pictures of our entertainers. 

Obviously since we are building the site on Word Press their will be a lot of space taken up by the blog post elements which is why we think that the background images, small graphic details or icons (tribal barb-wire, thorny vines “type-stuff”) will be critical to designing a site that has a specific style. 

Colors we would like to see are all very rich and saturated. Here are a few thoughts that you should consider:

-BUTTERSCOTCH and shades of GOLD



-Warm colors

-Leopard print (sparingly and tastefully used) 

One promotional element that we use in all our clubs is the "Golden Ticket". We would like to incorporate a gold ticket icon or graphic (subtly) into our overall design. And we would really love an animated ticket that floated or fluttered about the pages (if someone wanted to really blow us away and came up with a creative way to do it!). The MGM grand website has a cool element where several pillow feathers are fluttering about the page (

We like the colors of our outdoor bilboard which is attached for you to see. We have attached several versions of our logo which we like as well. In addition, we have provided several flyers and samples of our printed promotional material. 

We would also like to see our CORPORATE "Shield" icon used somewhere in the design. I will attach it for you to see (you can remove the "JGC" letters and any text/wording and just use the icon).

Its all about the small details! Impress us with the use of smart, unique, design details and accents.

The Experience Defined
ℑ Home page with Map/Links to each club. There are 6 city clubs.
o Design needs to be flexible for adding new clubs but yet Google friendly
ℑ Once you click on the location in your city, each City will have its own “HOME” page of sorts. Each city’s home page will feature a beautiful color photo looking into the club
o Navigation will be revealed after a moment peering into the club (Membership login will be on every page)
ℑ Once inside a City’s home page, visitor will have 2 paths to choose from
o Find the information they need to go to the club (phone #, directions, hours, etc) – aka “the non-experiential” parts of the site
o Visit the online club
ℑ Ability to purchase “GOLDEN TICKETS” (aka gift certificates) needs to be promoted & highly visible on every page (maybe create an animated ad tile)..coordinate tile/promo with “JaGear” tile
ℑ “JaGear” (aka merchandise shop) must be highly visible on every page (animated ad tile)

ℑ Home
ℑ The Jaguar Experience
o Dress code, Directions, Pricing, Hours, Contact Info, Message from Nikko, etc
ℑ Gallery
o Pics of entertainers
ℑ Events Calendar
o Special Events and Daily (includes pricing, hours, etc). SEE FLYERS jpg’s
ℑ Reservations
ℑ Entertainer Spotlight
o Feature different entertainer each month, pics, questionnaire, links to old winners
ℑ Franchise Opportunities
ℑ Buy JaGear
ℑ Virtual Club
ℑ Employment


Upscale, Affluent Men

WE LIKE THESE DESIGNS: (mentioned above but especially the Maximum Vegas" link which we know is flash but it is just cool!

Also on mgmgrand, the nightlife section:


-The Colors outlined above
-Use of interesting and unique accent details
-Interesting integration or presentation of pictures (not just slugged in photos, would like to see unique photo treatment)
-Design must have room for at least 1 medium sized picture to be a focal point
-Use of our "SHIELD" icon per above
-Use of our "Jaguars Gold CLub logo" (see attached billboard, logo files)

Brief updates

By gmsi23 on 20-Aug-09 9:50 p.m. GMT
Website design, web design, blog theme, theme design, site designer
By gmsi23 on 21-Aug-09 2:30 p.m. GMT
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By gmsi23 on 25-Aug-09 4:57 p.m. GMT
Here is a link to our current site:

By gmsi23 on 25-Aug-09 5:03 p.m. GMT
I forgot to include this link that explains "HOW I SCORE":
By gmsi23 on 25-Aug-09 8:40 p.m. GMT
Just noticed that the bullets in the navigation make it pretty confusing to understand so here is the clear list of main nav, ie the primary pages of the site:

ℑ Home
ℑ The Jaguar Experience
ℑ Gallery
ℑ Events Calendar
ℑ Reservations
ℑ Entertainer Spotlight
ℑ Franchise Opportunities
ℑ Buy JaGear
ℑ Virtual Club
ℑ Employment
By gmsi23 on 27-Aug-09 2:40 p.m. GMT
The outdoor billboard design I provided is a perfect miniature of what we are looking for in our website design. The colors, the scrolly details, the fonts, and Tina the blond model are perfect. Extrapolate the billboard design into a website and we are 80% there. We want at least 3 different fonts used that are unique and creative - NOTHING PLAIN (no simple plain fonts). Create your own combination of fonts including block, cursive, serif, shadowed, embossed...etc. Thanks