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General Info

Company or Personal Name

ctrller.com (Pronounced Controller. See what we did there?)

What do you do?

New video games, gaming consoles, and gaming PC's are some of the greatest pleasures in life. Well maybe only in the life of a gamer, but either way they're still pretty cool. But everyone knows the only way to truly enjoy the special things in life is to... ACCESSORIZE!

We're aiming to showcase the latest, greatest, and shiniest accessories in the video game industry. We will focus on providing quality pictures, reviews, and links to any gaming peripherals we deem worthy of praise.

Our focus will be on quality products that enhance people's gaming experience. We want to provide links to in depth reviews as well as high quality pictures and videos of these products so our readers can make confident and well educated purchases.

Do you have a desired website screen size?

This is going to be a WordPress blog displayed on multiple screen sizes as well on mobile devices. We dont have a specific size in mind, but if you know a commonly used resolution use that.

How many blog theme pages do you need designed?

We need 3 pages. First, the landing page that showcases all of the posts with a title, picture, brief description, and links. Second, the detailed view of each individual post that includes multiple pictures, longer descriptions, links, and embedded videos. Lastly, an about page/contact page that is mainly text, and maybe a contact form.

Target Audience

What is your industry?


Describe the target audience for your blog theme design

Um, we're kind of aiming at a niche market... anyone who plays video games!

If we had to narrow it down even further, it would be teenagers and up who play video games, have some disposable income, and like shiny new toys.

Our audience will come to us for the newest accessories, and will be looking to us to get the most information before purchasing something that will enhance their gaming experience.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your blog theme design?

1. Professionalism. This should be communicated through a clean design, easy navigation, and making the content the main focus.

2. Expertise. This should be communicated through a wealth of knowledge being presented in each individual post. Each individual post will have multiple high quality pictures of the product, a long but precise description of the product and what benefits it brings to the reader, links to the source website/where to buy it/ and reviews, and embedded videos of the product.

3. Modern/Relevant. This should be communicated through a modern/not cheesy look. A lot of video gaming websites include cliche looks, such as robots, guns, or fantasy characters, but our blog should steer clear of that type of design. The less the blog design actually revolves around a gaming theme, the more it will be considered a relevant place to find information. Just a few subtle hints of gaming, or one big part of the design will be more than sufficient. Our suggestion is to play off of our name, ctrller. The use of the ctrl key and/or a controller would be a good gaming tie in while keeping the rest of the site clean and modern.

Style and Concept

What blog design styles do you like?

We prefer minimalism and cleanliness. Make the content the focus.

Some examples are:

Uncrate.com - This is a prime example of the type of design we are looking for. Minimal, content focused, clean, and professional.

blessthisstuff.com - Another good example of a clean and minimal design we are looking for.

theawesomer.com - This isn't necessarily the design or colors we would choose, but the depth and content style is what we are looking for.

What colors do you want to see in your blog theme design?

White. There should be a lot of white so that the content is what draws our readers eyes. Not to say that it should only be white, pictures, and text, but there should be a good use of white in the design.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your blog theme design?

The design should not be dominated by dark colors, such as a black background.

What adjectives should best describe your blog theme design?


What content must be included in the blog theme design?

The use of our name ctrller.

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?




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