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What’s in a name? Everything! It defines you; it’s a peek around the corner at your business. And a tagline? It’s the beckoning finger that says, “Come a little closer.” I worked many years in television in Los Angeles, and have since worked as a writer/producer for a production company I co-own with my husband, doing everything from television commercials to industrials to feature films. I love writing, and I love the collaboration that happens between me and my clients. I want to get it perfect. If you need a company name, a product name, a tagline or content writing, I want you to love it as much as I do and will spend the time and creative energy to make it happen.

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Name Needed for Social Meetup App

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Cloud Service Provider for small enterprise using converged infrastructure in Europe and the US Company Naming $479 Closed 571
Project Salty Meats Company Naming $479 Closed 304
Name our core product! Product Naming $239 Awarded 280
Name our sci-fi video game Product Naming $320 Closed 597
create new company name Company Naming $289 Closed 424
Tagline creation for a credible construction company Tagline $215 Closed 293
Online Startup Needs Help with Name Company Naming $479 Awarded 870
Name the different components in our software platform for digital pathology Product Naming $400 Awarded 394
Undershirt Goes Mobile! Tagline Project, Bonus Award! Tagline $400 Awarded 883
Name for fast casual restaurant serving plant-based proteins. Company Naming $200 Awarded 360

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