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Hello everybody, My name is UltraSprint and I’m new on crowdspring. I’m new and fresh I like to think . The reason for choosing UltraSprint as my username is the fact that it manages to encapsulate the magic of the creative process, a process in which words are trying to keep up with the effervescence of the idea. A creative tornado which sweeps in its way dictionaries, memories and metaphors, rhymes and feelings. All together they combust into one huge accelerating drive which , at a specific point, manages to escape gravity and takes the concept into a new dimension. Gravity Zero Concept: enriching and liberating an idea through the right words so it could be anything it wants. That’s what I’m trying to do were on crowdspring. Last week I’ve managed to win my first project and I loved the feeling when reading the “you’ve been selected for an award” mail. Ok now, I’m getting back at creating tornadoes and propelling concepts. Thank You!

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Name for a Personalized eLearning Experience

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Thanks again for the suggestion rthomas15

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
New Home Furniture Brand Naming Company Naming $239 8 days 108
We need a company name! We are water and natural resources consultants. Company Naming $239 6 days 145
Naming Software for Outdoor Licensing & Registration Applications Product Naming $200 5 days 203
Communication platform name Company Naming $200 5 days 189
ReName Our Company Company Naming $240 4 days 191
New name for a technology company Company Naming $400 3 days 363
Name-search for IT-Project in Retail-Company Company Naming $200 2 days 98
CONNECTEDWORLD15 Company Naming $479 2 days 452
New brandname for company in research area Company Naming $479 2 days 238
Launch a new brand for a new B2B offer Product Naming $439 40 hours 234

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