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I'm a 47 motivated, inspired person creative artist. I'm open minded and willing to try out new ideas and put forth a good effort. I'm imaginitive and have a good sense of taste with a range of influences and original concepts. I can work well with others and do legitimate business to provide the way for. Also can do jingles with music for bus. names and other freelance works to consider and try for. Please conact me personaly for more, /, (A.S.C.I.) T.S. "Artist/Affiliate, services, company, incorporated all rights rerserved for.

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Name an innovative data and analytics company

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A name for the gizmo Company Naming $200 3 days 253
Cutting Edge New Entertainment Network -- Name? Company Naming $239 2 days 287
Big Data Solutions Company Name Company Naming $239 2 days 236
Business and Personal Development Education Company Company Naming $239 29 hours 310
MSIT New Name-New Logo Company Naming $200 Awarded 294
Name Needed for Social Meetup App Company Naming $480 Closed 785
Land Surveying Company Company Naming $200 Awarded 438
Naming a website Company Naming $201 Closed 827
We are Wilbert Vault and developed online ordering software for our funeral home customers. Product Naming $200 Closed 282
Naming of a bar/restaurant that has video gaming inside Company Naming $200 Closed 240

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