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[+]   Name needed for new Website and Brand for an online commerce site.   (view project)
Great Job
  • Timing: 100
  • Communication: 100
  • Overall: 100
100 Rob1 5-Mar-14 GMT
[+]   Name for Dental Clinic   (view project)
no comment
  • Timing: 90
  • Communication: 89
  • Overall: 82
87 stefanpantelimon 17-Feb-14 GMT
[+]   My high school academic life   (view project)
I liked all of sociallogos creative responses - I think sociallogos balanced what I was looking for with a good, sound company name. Many of the responses I received were more product names than company names - it is clear that sociallogos focused on creating a company name.
  • Timing: 75
  • Communication: 70
  • Overall: 85
77 smichelle 11-Feb-14 GMT
[+]   Security engine and company name   (view project)
Sociallogs is a great man with great ideas. I have to say, he found a name, that I like, almost love. :) Thanks!
  • Timing: 100
  • Communication: 100
  • Overall: 100
100 ios 26-Feb-13 GMT
[+]   Help name a charity that can help 15 million children suffering from burns   (view project)
Thank you for submitting so many entries and really working towards what we were asking for.
  • Timing: 100
  • Communication: 87
  • Overall: 91
93 WonderWork 10-Aug-12 GMT
[+]   Tagline for B2B Healthcare Services   (view project)
We didn't communicate. I only picked this tagline because we had to pick one. You're asking me to rate items that are n/a.
  • Timing: 100
  • Communication: 100
  • Overall: 100
100 healthparkhosp 22-May-12 GMT
[+]   New Name-Luxury Storage Design and Install Co.   (view project)
Great Work
  • Timing: 95
  • Communication: 100
  • Overall: 100
98 Linguine9 11-Apr-12 GMT
[+]   Innovative organization that inspires and redefines the contemporary concept of women   (view project)
I really liked the name you found, as it is innovative and gives you a direct idea of what this organization is about. thank you.
  • Timing: 90
  • Communication: 90
  • Overall: 95
92 edescombes 10-Apr-12 GMT
[+]   Career success name   (view project)
it was impossible to communicate with your organization. Your site was down frequently and could not send emails
  • Timing: 100
  • Communication: 4
  • Overall: 38
47 Kmandee 26-Jan-12 GMT
[+]   Business & Media consultancy   (view project)
thanks for all the ideas
  • Timing: 94
  • Communication: 95
  • Overall: 90
93 Ardmore56 3-Nov-11 GMT