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With fingertip-on-the-heart-of-the-matter sensitivity, Josephine Nobisso has named 15 companies or products on crowdSPRING over the past year or so. Her other claims to fame include having had 8 books dedicated to her by fellow authors--mostly out of affection, and sometimes because she has created a program and best-selling book called SHOW; DON'T TELL! SECRETS OF WRITING, which gives innovative insights into the authentic application of grammar. Jo has published 56 books, mostly award-winning children's titles released by almost every major house in America (Simon & Schuster, Rizzoli, Scholastic, Orchard, Houghton Mifflin, etc,) with many translated into other languages, but she also published 3 novels with Putnam & Sons. Many of her children's books are "English as a Foreign Language" titles, originating in Korea. Josephine’s own imprint, Gingerbread Publishing House, has turned out only 6 original titles, but these have won almost 30 important awards, including 2 short-listed for the Caldecott Award. The House has been called, "The most promising small press in America," on C-Span Book TV. Of particular interest to the crowdSPRING community may be the 6 awards given to the above-mentioned Show; Don't Tell!, among which is "The Global Learning Initiative Award" for world's best book (children's or otherwise) that year, "with educational application"--and this for a book on writing! For more about Ms, Nobisso and her work, please visit

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Creating a brand name for a start up Marine services company

A $239 Company Naming project

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Thanks for the great name! dennisypi

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Women's Undergarment and Lingerie Company Name Company Naming $200 9 days 445
We make comfort and performance look good Tagline $539 6 days 136
LifeLaunchr Home Page tagline Tagline $215 42 hours 302
Payroll and staffing company - woman owned Company Naming $239 39 hours 173
Naming of Builder business Company Naming $200 21 hours 262
Contemporary pre-fabricated home developer - Naming Project Company Naming $200 Closed 373
Student Social Network Company Naming $201 Closed 458
Company/Brand Name Needed for English Language Learning Software/App Company Naming $200 Closed 399
North Park Restaurant Company Naming $239 Awarded 469
Naming the Improved and Functional Vision after Refractive Surgery (LASIK/PRK/Intraocular Implants) Product Naming $239 Closed 239

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