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I love the competition of the NAMING contests, and hope to use a little bit 'O' my Irish luck to push me to the forefront. The process expands the mind which never hurt anyone. I have fun and take great pride in helping people find the right name for their business. Down to earth, no BS. Peace Out................

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Create a memorable name for Financial Advisory Firm!

A $200 Company Naming project

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Very creative, timely, and had multiple solid submissions. pbrewer1985

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
We need a company name! We are water and natural resources consultants. Company Naming $239 Closed 518
Food For Thought Cafe Division Company Naming $979 Closed 206
ReName Our Company Company Naming $240 Closed 423
Venture fund naming project Company Naming $200 Closed 277
New name for a technology company Company Naming $400 Closed 428
Application for the Immediate Ordering of Tutors Company Naming $239 Closed 203
CONNECTEDWORLD15 Company Naming $479 Closed 502
Launch a new brand for a new B2B offer Product Naming $439 Closed 316
Competitive Photo Fishing App Company Naming $200 Awarded 354
Product to help consumers find contract work for their home Product Naming $239 Closed 276

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