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I have worked in some big agencies and some very small boutiques in L.A., Mostly for the entertainment industry. A while back I made the decision that I didn't want my kids raised in L.A. and we relocated to a small Northern California foothill community where mountains, rivers and lakes were right outside the door. (best decision I ever made). However, work certainly wasn't as abundant as it was in the big city. I was forced into freelancing to survive. It was a tough row to hoe. Now things are a bit easier because of the internet and the freelance sites. I'm beginning to have some success and am finally earning some money on them. My main concern though is that many buyers don't seem to understand that design submissions are 'concepts' and that there is a wrap-up period, once a design has been chosen, in which those designs can be tweaked and refined. I shutter to think that I've lost a project because; although the client liked the design, but didn't like a particular color used, or a font. These things can be worked out in the wrap-up. I work with the latest Adobe design software. I do my own photography when needed and I write copy. I have both Mac and PC platforms. I communicate in a timely manner (actually I prefer to establish a one on one communication instead of going through this site, either by direct e-mail or telephone). I'm flexible. Lastly, I'm a good designer and I totally understand the print industry. My print files pass your printers pre-flighting 99% of the time.

11 Winning entries

Pizza box label

A $339 Package Graphics project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Number Tent Cards Illustration $200 8 days 9
Night Time Reflective Skulls Re-design on Mens Motorcycle Jacket Clothing $200 3 days 27
Sebastian Fierri Logo 2015 Logo $999 35 hours 618
Novelty Product Logo Design - Finally something NOT Corporate, Modern & Sleek. Have Fun! Logo $200 12 hours 53
Insertable 3-Ring Binder Divider Product Design $1500 10 hours 90
Bunky the Camp Guy Illustration $200 Awarded 12
Scuba Diving Center Print Advertisement Print design $239 Closed 86
Audi 2014 Christmas Gift Print design $479 Closed 85
Pizza box label Package Graphics $339 Awarded 30
Creative label for new wine brand Package Graphics $419 Awarded 37

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