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I am a passionate self taught graphic designer focused on creating out-of-the-box designs. I am extremely grateful for my vivid imagination and the amazing ability to perceive words through images, compositions and colors. I have a versatile style which means I'm able to create designs in both minimalistic and rich ways, depending on my clients needs. I do use stock images in my designs but I rarely use them as-is. Most times, I combine different elements and images in order to create an original scene. My favorite working tools are Photoshop, InDesign and a Graphic Tablet. I have strong work ethic principles based on integrity, hard work and respect. My ultimate goal is to learn as much as I can in order to become a successful freelancer and in order to make people happy through my art!

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Book Cover for Fun, Nonfiction How-To Writing Book

A $700 Book Cover project

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2016 Media Kit for The JCA Company Print design $1419 Awarded 56
Book Cover for Fun, Nonfiction How-To Writing Book Book Cover $700 Awarded 41

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