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Member since: mar 15, 2013

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The man beyond this is just a simple one, bound to make design that are purely original and from the heart. He does not matter on the exchanged labor that he can get out from this. One of his dream is to let all people know him by his skills in art making. He can see his creations in the mere public. It will become his lifetime creations- from simple design, to a unique and well-said explanation. In full gratitude, he is giving thanks on those companies who is giving him a rare online chance that he has right now.

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A $299 Logo project

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Thank you for the great design. We are extremely pleased and the new logo will be used for the next year or so on our business developmen... Wendel

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Premium Modern Exercise & Fitness Logo for Sports Company Logo $275 5 days 87
Logo/Brand Identity for Found Jewels Logo $200 4 days 69
Travel, enriching, experiences Logo $200 45 hours 63
MagickBox Logo Logo $200 35 hours 79
Logo Design for a Web-based Finished Vehicle Logistics Software Company Logo $299 Closed 103
CAP Logo Credit Mon Logo $299 Awarded 133
Logo Design for Estory Book Business Logo $200 Closed 91
Logo Design for Confluence Marketing (consulting company) Logo $200 Awarded 132
Chalk Flew Up! Logo $250 Awarded 431
Ed Tech Company Logo & App Icon Logo $800 Closed 318

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