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The man beyond this is just a simple one, bound to make design that are purely original and from the heart. He does not matter on the exchanged labor that he can get out from this. One of his dream is to let all people know him by his skills in art making. He can see his creations in the mere public. It will become his lifetime creations- from simple design, to a unique and well-said explanation. In full gratitude, he is giving thanks on those companies who is giving him a rare online chance that he has right now. He wants to work with different people around the globe to boost his skills and knowledge with dignity in his creations that he can be proud not for a prize. He also encountered many people through this.

9 Winning entries

Logo for Tower Mapping Company

A $300 Logo project

myart participated with 20 other designers who submitted 92 entries and was awarded $300. View this project »

He did a great job! Very helpful in looking at different options and getting back answers very quickly. Also, very helpful in getting o... sharynhamm


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Design the logo of a large consumer information website Logo $2000 23 days 143
Design the logo for the next big consumer site. Logo $2000 23 days 142
Undershirt Goes Mobile! Tagline Project, Bonus Award! Tagline $400 Awarded 883

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