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I have a Suma Cum Laude PhD. in English on Public Space at Cluj-Napoca, Romania (with an internship in Rome), focusing on public manipulation and management of public reaction. I am particularly interested in the effects of media management and I work with a colleague of mine from a similar PhD program on elite development and preferences, who also graduated at Sorbonne (Paris) and in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) at the same Suma Cum Laude degree. We are currently on a semi-sabbatical and willing to test our theories on the net,

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Car detailing and mechanical services

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Chicago Project Company Naming $479 Closed 519
Help us name our Customer Experience/Leadership Development/Employee Engagement Company Company Naming $479 Closed 424
New Athletic Apparel Brand - Hard working, hard wearing and great fitting Company Naming $489 Closed 515
Enterprise Resource Planning software – Naming Project Product Naming $239 Closed 458
New Brand Name for Gemstone Jewelry Line Company Naming $250 Closed 349
Start Up Mobile Car Seat and Stroller Cleaning Business Company Naming $200 Closed 217
Coffee in a tea drinking nation Product Naming $239 Awarded 431
Technology Naming Product Naming $239 Closed 330
Help me find a great name for my travel startup Company Naming $200 Closed 281
12 PIECE BAND NEEDS NEW NAME! Company Naming $239 Closed 759

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