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I am a people person even though I started graphic designs when I was still in university. I have +8 years of experience as a designers. I know when I need to sit in front of my computer and designs until the early hours of the morning, but otherwise I am fun to talk to and easy to get along with. logo should represent the client’s business personality and make their customers smile when they see it. Logo design is not about slick, trendy design, nor it is about the designer, it is about the CLIENT.

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Super working with you. I am very often in CrowdSpring look for me. all my projects are about the same and run under slaborie. Thank yo... slaborie


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New Logo for Pawn Shop Logo $350 3 days 124
Sodhani Vineyards Logo Logo $400 Awarded 76
Local food from Åfjord or in norwegian "Lokal Mat fra Åfjord" Logo $200 Awarded 67

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