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I love sketching and thinking in pixels. I am a visual communicator and passionate about merging design. I dream, I hope, I design. Having an innate desire to bring dazzle thunder to clients... I love to collaborate with them, exchange ideas and spread new thinking. Simply put, it is just “bliss.” Having only 2 percent dance skills, I rather stay in front of a computer. And if not, I embark on a culinary experiment or plan my next adventure trip and bask in the warm tropical sun

29 Winning entries

Technology Service Provider Website

A $860 Small Website (uncoded) project

impreza participated with 10 other designers who submitted 99 entries and was awarded $860. View this project »

Wonderful! The designs are top notch and working together was great. No downside, everything positive. ejkelley


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Homepage Design for Sports Website Small Website (uncoded) $539 Awarded 52
Financial Services Small Website (uncoded) $749 Closed 26
New, national consumer web site - Small Website (uncoded) $1000 Awarded 69

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