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Your business name is the first image that your business projects. It is what customers will remember (good or bad) about your business that will either draw them to it or send them to a competitors’ business. In fact, If you have branded the name, your brand alone might be worth more than the assets of the business itself. Your slogan or tagline is what tells your customers who you are, what you stand for, and indicates where you want to be in the hearts and minds of your target audience. Together with a good name and logo, it is the key powerhouse in building your brand. A tagline can also be the basis of the theme to your whole advertising campaign. It's the perfect jumping-off point for copy development. It sums up your business in one very memorable phrase. I have a BA in Education and a Master’s in Public Administration. I have won numerous slogan writing and naming contest on various sites. I would love to have the honor or working personality on your project. Please send me a private message if you feel that you can benefit from my services.

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A $200 Company Naming project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Liquor Distillery Company Naming $239 11 days 201
Name for a travel itinerary creator & organiser tool Company Naming $239 10 days 224
New name for a restaurant Company Naming $380 5 days 142
Eco Travel Company Company Naming $200 3 days 218
Lake View Restaurant Name Company Naming $200 3 days 132
Name B2B Research and Review Website Company Naming $400 3 days 909
Domain Registrar - Looking for that million dollar name. Company Naming $200 2 days 199
Company name for website, app, and software development Company Naming $200 44 hours 137
name for Mobile app/solution for retail Company Naming $200 14 hours 313
Small Business Lending Company Needs Name! Company Naming $239 Closed 201

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