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THE BACKSTORY: It's been an adventurous tenure of 15+ years in marketing strategy and advertising development, with an extensive chunk of that period spent in the Wine & Spirits biz helping to develop brands that are now quite well-recognized (and consumed!) around the world. I've also logged significant time in select other categories tied to passions of mine, like Sports & Entertainment (a mix of pro tennis, music, and film). It's involved me in some of the world's most extraordinary events including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, Sundance, SXSW and Aspen Food & Wine Festival. If you ever find yourself debating an opportunity to attend any one of them, don't...just go! MY PROFESSIONAL PHILOSOPHY: The best marketing platforms are built on truth, a brand's greatest single truth. Letting the focus drift towards anything else only detracts from making the strongest possible connection with the core customer. Then it's a matter of combining concrete facts with strong imagination to craft a compelling message. MY BRAINSTORMING GUIDE: Often I draw inspiration simply from nature itself, since it seems to get things about as right as can be. I try to hang around it--and travel deeper into it--whenever I can. SIDENOTE: I’m a seasoned Voiceover Artist as well, which gives me lots of exposure to the execution end of the creative process and offers insight into what really 'works'--and what doesn't. THANKS for reading,and feel free to be in touch anytime.

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Platform (app+website) to connect consumers with their favorite businesses (reservations,orders...) Company Naming $200 2 days 431
New name for a restaurant Company Naming $380 2 days 229
Company name for website, app, and software development Company Naming $200 Closed 224
Business name for a new attraction in North Pole, Alaska Company Naming $239 Closed 440
Create a name for a new line of vinyl windows. Company Naming $239 Closed 116
Online Car Buying Site for New Cars Company Naming $200 Closed 465
A new sporting goods company needs a company name in sports industry. Cover all sports related field Company Naming $200 Closed 309
AZA Species Survival Institute Company Naming $479 Closed 373
Company providing a new packaging concept Company Naming $200 Awarded 429
Job Description LACDMH Marketing Copy $200 Closed 6

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