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About Me Hello! My name is Muhammad Nasrul Chasib. I'm a graphic designer based in Central Java, Indonesia. I’m specializing in logo and corporate identity design. I have over 7 years of experience in graphic design and I’m working with clients all over the world. For me every client is special, and my aim is to create unique, modern and high quality concepts, that will make your business stand out. Thank you for your interest in my work!

16 Winning entries

Iconic Investor Education Company Logo

A $800 Logo project

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Great design! Very talented designer. joetaz


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Education Security Software Brand Logo $351 Closed 232
Logo and visual identity for loyalty programs and campaign management software startup Logo $200 Awarded 250
The Hub 30A Logo Project Logo $1969 Closed 507
Update Logo after Merger of Next Generation Airline Logo $449 Closed 200
Logo for product design crowd funding website Logo $400 Awarded 292
Sports Related Vehicle Accessory Startup Logo Logo $300 Awarded 157
Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Logo $550 Awarded 463
Healthcare Software Logo Logo $1850 Awarded 1372

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