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Finding patterns/connections where none seem to exist | Thinking | Trend hunting | Studying the future | Learning | Observing | Listening | Designing | Playing well with others | Laughing | Quoting dialog from 100s of movies | Never paying retail (MSRP) | Insatiable curiosity | Applying lipstick without a mirror | Zeroing in on the core idea | Skydiving | Digesting facts quickly | Finding Possibilities | Writing | Creating | My business card says writer. But my forte is finding possibilities. I learn and experience as much as I can about as many things as I can: strategy, positioning, psychology, sociology, consumer and marketing trends, new media, blah, blah, blah. Then I throw it all in the oven, let it cook, and wait to see what comes out. Have my BA and MS in music. I'm a world news nut. Also crawl inside cultural trends to see if and how they could benefit clients. Adept at the usual left-brain kind of stuff such as completing work on time. My right brain kicks butt. I use my left brain to help my right brain kick butt even better. Have spent 20+ years in the ad biz as writer and marketer. Fluent in both classic and new media.

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Online car wheels & parts retail name

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Right name. nkoul_96

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Boutique Creative Video Production / Advertising Agency Company Naming $200 8 days 41
New brandname for company in research area Company Naming $479 5 days 138
Innovative Jewelry start-up looking for a brand name, can you help? Company Naming $679 Closed 845
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Business Name Company Naming $439 Closed 870

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