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Hi there! Im a mother of three kids, 2boys and a girl.Im a mother,a wife,an internet nomad,food adventurer, movie goer and a dreamer. We live here in the Philippines the Pearl of the Orient Sea.If any chances to you want to visit here you are very much welcome. I have named some companies/networks/crowsourcing sites before then all are doing very well. Crowdspring lets constantly refreshes my brain and teaches me new things everyday while having fun. I like naming, branding, taglining, whatever that's made up of letters of the alphabet. I love using my creative ideas to help businesses grow and brand their identities. Im a CS member since lastyear but never had a chance to win.Its ok i know every winner deserves it. Everytime they rated and or give a star to my entry i feel like a winner already:) Thanks for your time reading and I love to do business with you soon.Just be happy and Enjoy life! :)

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Online GoPro rental startup

A $200 Company Naming project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Southern Prep Apparel Company Company Naming $240 6 days 322
Medical Equipment Distribution Company Naming $239 5 days 79
German Shepherd Vitamin Supplement Company Naming $200 4 days 318
Mobile Development Tools Company Company Naming $439 4 days 161
Calling all at-home mechanics! DIY Automotive Brand-- we have a Trademarked tagline, but no name! Company Naming $439 4 days 143
Specialty Retail Beauty Store in Colombia Company Naming $200 3 days 451
We Build Homes Not Houses Company Naming $200 2 days 180
Name a store sells deep discount,discontinued,closeout major brand name fishing & marine equipment Company Naming $200 2 days 200
Hyper-Realistic mix of Theatre, Haunted House, and Sci-fi Spaceships; brought to life with High Tech Company Naming $330 36 hours 793
Healthcare Company Rebranding Company Naming $239 8 hours 378

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