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A native of Northern Alabama, the accomplished Junior Industrial Designer/Concept artist is confident that he’s gaining momentum of becoming a well sought after visionary. Tyson’s design interest sprouted as a little boy expressing and problem solving with Legos, HotWheels, and ErectorSets. During this period his habit of drawing aesthetically pleasing objects cultivated unique abilities. Artist by interest, he realized very few people could do what he was doing naturally with a pencil and paper. In Jr. High, Tyson excelled in awards for his talents. Beating out classmates, won him the ability to travel to an exhibition in Manhattan, New York. There he experienced a saturation of talent which left Tyson to believe the words, “you can be anything you want to be”. In High school Tyson excelled again by winning awards and honorable mentions in exhibitions and competitions. Selected writer and artist for the school liberal arts magazine generated a buzz amongst his peers. He is grateful for his mom deciding to send him off to a school he once dreaded. This school nurtured and grew in him a unique cultural experience while segueing many foreign forms of art. College and forward, he is honored given the keys to defy incredibly daunting odds. A perfectionist by passion he shares a commonality with greats such that he does his best work when everything seems to go wrong and circumstances appear as though his efforts are futile. Out of such opposition Tyson nurtures a three word philosophy. In “wise, think, design”, a motto, a process for idea refinement but more importantly exudes a duty to uphold a calling of creativity used to provide clever, meaningful, innovative solutions. This process is proven successful throughout design projects that include logo design, product design, illustrations, web development and many more. Therefore he is brazille-idea!

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iPad2 Cover Futureistic & Functional

A $1000 Product Design project

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Would highly recommend. williamhcarney

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Design next year's coolest headphones Product Design $4000 Awarded 132
Wall or Desk Mounted News Display Product Design $3000 Awarded 103

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