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Drawing, designing, and writing have been a part of me ever since childhood, which only fueled my appetite to learn more as I searched for a career path. With a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Art and a minor in Communications, my quest for creating has been unleashed to a new level. Yet, places like CrowdSpring have provided me with a new outlet of expression, especially with writing. You’ll usually find me in the latest writing project, crafting a new company name and working with the buyer to come up with something they will truly be happy with. Since joining CrowdSpring in 2009, I’ve shifted from some design work to the writing side, where I’ve won ten projects since 2011. After a short hiatus and much needed soul searching, I’m ready to let my creative process flow once again. I’m always open for project invites, questions, or even just random chitchat. My name is Todd, come say hi.

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Help Name a Major Brand's New Anti-Aging Cream

A $500 Company Naming project

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Cool new training business Company Naming $300 Awarded 267
Name for new website covering top New York City bars and lounges Company Naming $250 Awarded 347

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