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I write lots of scripts for churches and schools. I teach drama to kids, which is really quite cool. My psychology degree I use daily as a mother; I have six awesome kids (three girls with three brothers). Spending time with my family makes me feel blessed; cooking, laundry, and dishes I do NOT like the best. I’m creative at heart, and I love playing games. I enjoy clever slogans, and making up names. I hope I can help you find just what you need, then we will all be Happy Crowd Springers, indeed!

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Fantasy Fields Story for kids' picture books (5 themes)

A $200 Essay & Short Story project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
12 PIECE BAND NEEDS NEW NAME! Company Naming $239 9 days 158
New name for a restaurant Company Naming $380 6 days 125
Furniture system name (single name for use as both company and initial product) Company Naming $479 5 days 27
Name B2B Research and Review Website Company Naming $400 3 days 891
Domain Registrar - Looking for that million dollar name. Company Naming $200 2 days 167
Business name for a new attraction in North Pole, Alaska Company Naming $239 16 hours 314
Online Car Buying Site for New Cars Company Naming $200 Closed 465
Blonde Swedish music company looking for long-term relationship w/ charismatic copy/designer Newsletter $200 Closed 13
"Executive Search" firm in London, for the "Social Media" sector. Company Naming $200 Closed 361
AZA Species Survival Institute Company Naming $479 Closed 373

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