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CONFESSIONS OF A WANDERLUSTING WRITER | Hello there. My name’s Siddharth and I’m an accomplished, independent creative resource of no fixed address. I write. I design. But mainly, I write. And with a fierce, all-consuming passion. Much like Romeo’s for Juliet, or James Bond’s for himself. Here are 4 reasons why you should hire me: (I) As a successful writer who’s been crafting words for over 13 years, I've led copywriting divisions in large and boutique agencies, freelanced with global publications and handled brand language for individual corporate clients in India, Europe, North America and the Middle East. (II) Having written everything from crisp corporate communiqués and incisive article features to memorable naming projects and sterling web content, I’m proficient in the correct usage of apostrophes. Honest. (III) I specialize in Luxury, Lifestyle, Travel and Hospitality, but am equally adept at putting on my serious glasses and crafting strong corporate copy for businesses and conglomerates. (IV) Aside from writing, I have a firm grounding in branding and am an imaginative, feted designer. In that regard, I bring a delicious sense of style, skills and sensibility to the table. So if you have an intriguing project in mind, do get in touch. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship…

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A $939 Print design project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
The Messengers and the Forgotten Choice Print design $479 4 days 14
iHerb T-Shirt Design Clothing $809 3 days 208
Marketing Poster/Mailer for bank program Print design $540 3 days 33
African Illustration Illustration $579 34 hours 38
Ave's Hope Logo $0 25 hours 86
Conference Booth Design for Consulting Firm Print design $1500 Awarded 104
Logo for consulting/professional services aggregator. Future work projects possible as well. Logo $719 Awarded 233
Book cover for a poetry book Book Cover $400 Awarded 126
Hyper-Realistic mix of Theatre, Haunted House, and Sci-fi Spaceships; brought to life with High Tech Company Naming $330 Closed 1169

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