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Graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Design with a Degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Be sure to check out my entire portfolio to see my full range of styles, and what I am capable of. It is helpful if you want to invite me to participate in your project to mention what made you approach me with your invitation, and/or which logos of mine you like.

20 Winning entries

Children's Book Publishing Logo

A $200 Logo project

KellySt participated with 36 other designers who submitted 109 entries and was awarded $200. View this project »

KellySt not only gave me exactly what I wanted, but her other designs were in the running for the final pick. Once I chose a design, she ... Toryness


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Tiffurny's Pet boutique Logo $499 9 days 43
Innovative Chili Pepper-Based Company Needs a Logo Designed Logo $200 4 days 22
Valenti Family T-shirt Clothing $215 Closed 48
Local Government in need of NEW LOGO Logo $480 Closed 259
Iconic New Hot Dog Stand Logo $200 Closed 26
Online platform in the cleaning industry looking for logo Logo $299 Closed 72

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