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Member since: feb 6, 2014

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I am a graphic designer, illustrator and musician. I work mainly with Illustrator and Photoshop. I design logos are made in state of the art vector formats in high definition. I can provide any compression format output. jpeg png, eps, psd, .ai, pdf etc.. Suffice to say once your selection is made, what are the base models or variant or illustrations selected logo and ask to include the desired formats. I sold today hundreds of logos mainly on similar sites and works freelance for over 15 years. My career is based on impeccable professionalism and success rate which I must admit without bragging talways reaches 100%. I have never failed to satisfy in full any customer and I never got back to work. Each of my clients got the maximum possible according to their expectations and no one has ever complained. I offer a quality and degrees of sophistication Tanty terms of conception that the achievement rarely equaled and has absolute control Photoshop and much more rare in the world of graphics full control of all techniques Illustrator. I never use (unless you ask me ...) filters or effects preprogrammed rightly believing they have nothing personal property and that anyone could produce the same thing in a click. My work whatsoever logos, visual identities or website design or illustrations are unique, able to adapt to a different graphic universe to each client I am able to power any application in all existing styles and am able to get the novel as if the corporate need. My imagination has no limit what technology offers. And technical control and I than because I have a boundless imagination ;-) try me ... if I do not satisfy you ... is that you do not know what you want :-)

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Creating a new logo for Photography Business

A $400 Logo project

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Ender is very creative, active and prompt danaaljama


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Restaurant logo Logo $200 11 days 63
Under your influence Logo $300 8 days 17
DONG'S Kitchen logo Logo $299 7 days 71
Cool logo for apartments' search website targeted to young, fun-loving tech-crowd Logo $200 6 days 14
The Niche - San Antonio Logo $200 6 days 29
New Logo Needed for "Arrows and Traps Theatre Company" Logo $200 5 days 17
Rebranding: Changing name of app Logo $200 5 days 63
Financial Logo with British Feel....Cheerio! Logo $449 4 days 155
JumpStart Consulting Logo Logo $399 4 days 179
Updated Logo StoreBox Logo $200 3 days 98

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